Proposal Inquiry - AIRport framework


I’m not sure I’m writing to the right forum and am not sure that such grants exist in Sia: We are working on a DApp relational database that needs a storage back-end - AIRport. Are third party projects considered for funding via the Sia Foundation?


Artem Shamsutdinov

Generally, unless there is outstanding interest by the community, the SF will not give grants to projects. Though I am interested in your project in more detail and what it’s storage needs are.

Got it, thank you letting me know.

At the core of AIRport are Autonomous Interdependent Repositories, which are virtual repositories co-located in the same relational database. This is what allows AIRport to be a decentralized Relational SQL database. It also contains an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) layer that is loosely based on JPA annotations, GraphQL+SQL for queries and Firebase like (but more transaction oriented) modification rules. So, most enterprise developers will feel right at home developing dApps based on AIRport.

In terms of storage needs: each repository maintains an independent transaction log and each entry in a transaction log is a file that needs to be stored. Sia provides decentralized file storage and from that point of view appears to be a good fit to store these transaction logs.