Proposal: Allow offline host storage (tape based), with notice period for restore requests

Allow storage contracts that can specify much less frequent proof-of-storage for the host, and require a notice period to be given for restoring files. For example, I would like to rent and host storage as a disaster recovery option. I would be willing to wait for a week to retrieve my data in return for rock bottom storage costs. Something more similar to the AWS deep archive / glacier model

We have our own in-house LTO tape infrastructure that we use to store our primary data copies, and we buy our tapes in bulk, so we normally have a few hundred blank tapes sitting in boxes. It would be great if we could monetize these by using them as Sia storage. We could host Sia data on these tapes and then keep them back on the shelf. We could set up our own system to ensure that requested data is restored within the agreed notice period

Moreover, we could specify guaranteed emergency restore pricing. Whereby we could agree to restore data within a quicker time period, but for a much higher price.

We are looking at storing a 3rd copy of our (2PB+) data on the cloud. If this option was available on Sia it would be great - we could offset almost half the cost of renting with our own hosting.
Interested to hear if something like this is being considered.