Ledger nano x support?

It doesn’t seem to exist at the moment, and with my nano x on the way i was wondering if there are any news or progress on the nano x support.

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I agree this should be a goal for the Foundation.

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As noted in the quarterly report, this is something we are currently pursuing! :)


Great :))
im new here and wasnt aware of the report

I was glad to see it picked up in the 1st report from the foundation. I’m interested in the approach if you’re going for a LedgerLive user experience, to not use the wallet in the Sia UI, but to send and receive transactions out of ledger live as a good cold, yet accessible storage, given the massive increase in value?

My understanding is that Ledger requires that the app merely needs to be compatible with a GUI wallet in order to be listed in the “official” app store (rather than requiring the user to check “Enable Developer Mode” in order to find the app). The GUI wallet doesn’t need to be 1st party, and fortunately we now have the 3rd party SiaCentral Lite Wallet.

Integrating with LedgerLive would be nice, but it requires a lot more work for them, so I doubt they’ll go for it.

if you take a quick browse on Ledger’s supported coins you’ll see they support an awfull lot of coins in the LedgerLive portal. Given SC is now a top 100 coin it would be a miss to not have it in ledgerlive. LedgerLive also supporst a good opportunity to have a one stop shop, ie exchange easily to/from other coins - anohter topic that often apperas in the chat. On the Siacentral lite wallet candiate, I’d personally not be tempted to store a larger sum on a 3rd party “non core” wallet, no matter the author unless officially approved by the foundation. If you browse the discord for this topic you’ll see it recurring all over. LedgerLive could be a super good starting point to also recurit new users to SC.

Isn’t it so, Ledger.com can be paid to do that integration, now with a well funded entity? I hope you’ll promote SC into ledgerlive in your capacity of leading the foundation. To me this is very foundational and would be well received in, and more importantly outside, the comunity I believe. As such also contribute to the legacy/validity and adoption of SC.

Hi @nemo was there any progress in your discussions with Ledger.com? I’d re iterate the point to further strengthen, promoite and validate the coin if build into Ledgerlive, right?

We’re currently testing the Nano X app. Once Ledger has reviewed it, we can proceed to discussing a Ledger Live integration. I don’t know if paying them for the integration is an option, but if so, that’s probably what we’ll do.

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Nice to see the ledger nano x supports sia. Has there been any progress on the ledger live integration?

Nano x still does not support Sia as of yet.

Enable developer mode and it’ll be in the list just like on the ledger nano s