Hacktoberfest 2020

Hi friends,

Hacktoberfest 2020 has begun: if you contribute 4 GitHub PRs in the month of October, you’ll get a free t-shirt! They’re pretty nice t-shirts, too; in fact, I just noticed that I’m wearing my 2019 one now.

Anyway, if you’ve thought about contributing to a Sia repo in the past, but weren’t sure where to start, this is a great opportunity. siad is hosted on GitLab now, so any PRs you make there won’t count towards a shirt, but there are a number of other Sia repos hosted on GitHub — in particular, many of the Skynet repos. Additionally, all of my us-related repos are on GitHub, so if you have any interest in that project, get in touch and I’ll find a simple task for you to work on.

More generally, feel free to post any of your own repos in this thread, along with some suggestions for potential contributions. Happy hacking!


Would be awesome to see a bunch of Skapps get worked on during hacktoberfest! Share your projects and let’s get hacking!