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Name of Hackathon

Hack The Mountains 3.0


Hack The Mountains is a community- focused Hackathon, designed especially for the needs of the community. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, here is a perfect chance to showcase your skills and witness a competitive yet inclusive developer community around it.

After the tremendous success of HTM 1.0 and HTM 2.0, with 4000+ participants, 300+ real-time projects and 55+ Qubit Sessions in our previous version, we are launching the 3rd version of this hackathon to propel great opportunities and provide a platform to professionally know your standing, showcase your skills and creativity and develop technical knowledge alongside building real-time solutions with people from across the globe!

Proposal overview

Acing a skill may be an individual process, but hackathons aren’t. We would be very much delighted to have you as our Sponsor for this event. Being a Sponsor gives us happiness and drives us to make better experiences for students each year and without your support, it will not be possible.
We believe Blockchain is the future and we have implemented a specific Track this year of Web 3 students devs and we are expecting around 9000+ student developers around the globe coming up for this event which is gonna take place in hybrid Mode .

We’re big fans of Skynet and the ecosystem that you guys have developed and would love for you to sponsor and participate in the hackathon.

Proposal ask

Below I have attached Our Hackathon proposal and we would love to get $5,000 .

HTM Brochure 3 Updated.pdf

Google Drive file.

Metrics for success from Previous Seasons

We Recently Conducted our International Level Hackathon " Hack The Mountains (HTM) 2.0" Title Sponsor by Major Hacking league(MLH) which was organized virtually on 10-11th July 2021. It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that we received 15+ Gold Sponsors ( Github, Elastic, MLH,Tezos Devfolio, Lumos Labs, Affinid, Vercel , Coding Ninjas, Elastic, Auth0, Polygon, Filecoin , Tezos , Celo , Streamyard…many more ) and around 80+ Silver & Bronze sponsors. We pitfall 4000+ Registrations for the Hackathon ( 55+ Workshops Conducted ) and 12+ Countries Students participated and we saw a pitfall of 4000+ students in the second version.

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