Grant Proposal: TwikkL

@Kinomora Thank you for the update on the proposal review schedule. We understand the need for thorough evaluation, but please note that this postponement may impact the project’s timeline and may call for possible adjustments.

Hello Jiggy,

The committee has reviewed your proposal, however, we need additional time to discuss a few details. Unfortunately, this means that we will not have an answer for you by the end of today however we will have an answer prepared for you by tomorrow afternoon.

Kino on behalf of the Sia Foundation and Grants Committee

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Hello again Jiggy,

Thanks for your patience. The committee has approved your proposal!

They were pleased to see your updates and are excited for what TwikkL can bring to the Sia ecosystem.

The committee kindly reminds each team about the importance of gauging progress against milestones. Please note that continued funding is subject to reassessment if sufficient progress is not made.

The first payment will be disbursed May 15, so feel free to adjust your timeline accordingly. Please provide an email address that we can use to reach your team and begin the grants onboarding process!

Kino on behalf of the Sia Foundation and Grants Committee


Thank you for the update on the approval of our grant proposal.
For the grant onboarding process, you can contact us at
If there are any additional details or information needed from our end, please do not hesitate to let us know, Thanks again.

We made a Minor Adjustment to the Timeline

•UI/UX design prototype: Completed (Oct 2022 - Jan 2023)

-Project file setup, dependencies, and screen design
•Mobile app development with React Native and Smart contracts implementation: In progress (Jan 2023 - Jul 2023)

-Implementing the design with its functionality and linking to the backend.
•Smart Contract Development, CDN setup and Sia integration: (May 2023 - Sep 2023)

-Account for potential delays and challenges in integrating Sia
Allow time for testing, troubleshooting and optimization

•First Product test and MVP: (Sept 2023 - Dec 2023)

-Testing the application with a limited group of users
Gathering feedback and making necessary adjustments

•Public launch and marketing campaign: (Jan 2024)

-Launching the application to the public
Initiating marketing campaigns to attract users and creators

•Post-launch improvements and feature updates: (Jan 2024 - Ongoing)

-Continuous development and improvement based on user feedback
Introducing new features and updates to enhance the user experience.


 •Also we'd like to inform the committee of our request to receive payments in Siacoin.

Thanks TwikkL team. Just an FYI, we are awaiting your response to our email sent to the provided address.

The committee would prefer to send fiat considering the amount and purpose of the funds.

Alright @steve, we needed a reply to the request before replying to the mail. Replying Asap Thanks

Hello @steve we’ve replied to the mail but we need to update on a detail we sent earlier, can we resend an updated mail again?.

First Progress Report (MAY)

  • Significant progress has been made in the UI implementation (frontend) of the project.

Key accomplishments include implementing profile, notification, and video screens.

  • Video recording functionality has been added, allowing users to record, cancel, and send videos with a 60-second time limit. A timer and progress bar enhance the recording experience.

  • Video editing features have been seamlessly integrated, enabling users to save and edit their videos within the application.

  • An effects section has been added, allowing users to enhance their videos with various visual effects.

  • The notification system has been improved, providing users with the ability to view notifications based on different time intervals (daily, weekly, and monthly). Notifications for likes, comments, and followers are now displayed effectively.

  • The profile section has undergone substantial enhancements, resulting in a more user-friendly and visually appealing interface.

  • For further details and progress tracking, please refer to the GitHub repository: GitHub - JiggyDevs/twikkl-app: Decentralized video sharing app with social services and more

Progress with the back-end

• Project Setup:

  • Defined project requirements and objectives.
  • Identified the platform’s guidelines and content violation criteria.
  • Determined the required functionalities for the smart contract system.
  • Setup diamond + hardhat project - GitHub - JiggyDevs/twikkl-smart-contracts

• In progress(implementation )
2. Smart Contract Development:

• Determined the required functionalities for the api.

  • Setup nestjs project

•In progress (implementation)

Up Next

• In the next month the focus will be on adding new screens {such as settings and search} integrating the frontend with the backend and conducting rigorous testing and bug. we aim to deliver a stable and bug free UI that provides an exceptional user experience as we progress in development.

• Create a contract for flagging content, including the registration of flagged content details. - twikkl-smart-contracts/FlagContentFacet.sol at main · JiggyDevs/twikkl-smart-contracts · GitHub

• Create the MVP modules

  • Setup storage
    • Connect to smart contract
  • Setup video streaming logic

Thanks for the monthly report Jiggy!

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Progress Report (June)
Apologies for the delay in submitting the report.
The project has witnessed significant advancements in various areas. The frontend UI implementation is almost done, while the backend and smart contract development have achieved significant milestones.
Here’s an overview of the accomplishments, ongoing tasks, and upcoming objectives.

Frontend Development:
Progress is being made in completing the implementation of the UI. The team is working diligently to ensure a user-friendly and visually appealing interface.

Backend Development:
Done Tasks:

• Created the MVP modules.

Ongoing Tasks:

• Setting up the S5 Network container.
• Creating S5 Node.js SDK with types for TypeScript.
• Documenting the API.
• Implementing the notification system.

Smart Contract Development:
Done Tasks:

•Created a contract for flagging content, including the registration of flagged content details using Merkle tree.

•Developed a contract for the voting system, ensuring transparency and immutability of votes.

•Created a token contract for the project and integrated it into the voting system.

Up Next
The focus for the upcoming phase will be on:

• Deploying the backend and connecting it to the smart contract.
• Setting up the video streaming logic for enhanced functionality.
• Creating the project NFT and integrating it into the system.
• Implementing a random selection mechanism to ensure fairness in the voting system.
• Deploying the contracts to the testnet for testing and validation.
• Conducting a thorough security audit to ensure the robustness of the smart contract system.
• Documenting the entire smart contract system for future reference.

Also to note, I have discussed with Nabarun (Autify) and I’m considering implementing Account Abstract in place of EOA’s for the wallets

Progress Report (July)

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the accomplishments on the Front-end, Back-end, and Smart contracts


  • Conducted code cleanup and optimization of the codebase to improve performance and maintainability.
  • Set up the environment to consume APIs for seamless integration with the backend.
  • Implemented entity state management to efficiently handle data within the application.
  • Added hooks for API consumption, enhancing the overall functionality of the app.
  • Aligned the UI with important functionalities and features.
  • Collaborated with the backend team to establish effective ways to consume APIs and integrate backend functionalities. GitHub - JiggyDevs/twikkl-app: Decentralized video sharing app with social services and more


  • Created the MVP modules to lay the foundation for the backend system.
  • S5 Nestjs TS and JS SDK: Using S5 for video storage.
    created an interface for connecting and accessing s5 networks so the backend and frontend can integrate it smoothly. Implemented the interface in the backend api
  • Created comprehensive API documentation to facilitate communication with the Front-end team.
  • Implemented a robust notification system to keep users informed of important updates.
  • Developed and integrated the video streaming logic to enable seamless video sharing within the app.
  • Deploying the backend to make the application live and accessible to users.
  • Establishing a connection with the Smart contract to enable the integration of blockchain functionalities. GitHub - JiggyDevs/twikkl-api: API for Twikkl app - Decentralized video sharing app with social services and more

Smart Contract:

  • Successfully deployed the Jiggy token contract to Mumbai testnet.
  • Created the project’s NFT and Governance token, using the ERC-1155/ERC-721 standard, and integrated it into the smart contract system for token-based/NFT-based participation.
  • Implemented sophisticated logic for a random selection mechanism in the smart contract. This facilitates the fair and random selection of a predefined number of witnesses for each content takedown request, ensuring a transparent and decentralized process. GitHub - JiggyDevs/twikkl-smart-contracts

Up Next:

  • Finalizing UI implementation and conducting thorough testing to ensure a smooth user experience.
  • Integrating the front-end with the back-end for seamless data flow and interaction.
  • Conducting extensive testing and bug fixing to ensure the stability and reliability of the backend system.
  • Working on performance optimization for enhanced scalability.
  • Conducting rigorous security audits to ensure the smart contracts’ robustness and security.
  • Deploying the smart contract system to the mainnet

Hello @Jiggythegrey,

Thank you for your July progress report! It looks great.

The Committee has voted to create a progress report template which should make it easier for both you, the Grantee, to provide monthly updates as well as to enable the Committee to quickly review progress without spending too much time on minute details.

For August’s progress report (which should be provided in September), please follow the template outlined in this post: About the Grants category - #8

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

Kino on behalf of the Sia Foundation and Grants Committee

Progress Report {August}

Progress Made This Month?

● Designed and implemented the User Interface for the authentication flow
● Successfully completed the Discover screen with optimal performance and
● Successfully deployed the Twikkl back-end.
● Fixed the Hard Hat configuration for the Smart Contracts
● Set-up the OTP flow for the Back-end.

Links to repos worked on this month.

:pushpin:GitHub - JiggyDevs/twikkl-app: Decentralized video sharing app with social services and more
:pushpin: GitHub - JiggyDevs/twikkl-smart-contracts
:pushpin: GitHub - JiggyDevs/twikkl-api: API for Twikkl app - Decentralized video sharing app with social services and more

What we'll be working on this month

● Consuming API for authflow
● Changing group and category logic on the Back-end to match design changes on
● Development of additional screens for the voting feature.
● Completion of the Implementation of the Authflow API for the Back-end

Progress Report {September}

Progress Made This Month?

  • Remodeled and category modules
  • Implemented Authflow API for the backend
  • Integrated Auth API {login, signup, forgot password}
  • Implemented comment replies
  • UI for voting and governance completed

Links to repos worked on this Month

What we’ll be working on next Month {October}

  • Integrate voting contract
  • Group post/settings implementation
  • Integrating smart accounts for wallets
  • First product test

Progress Report {October}

Progress made this month

  • Updating and integration of voting contracts. -Refactored voteContentFacet.sol allowing every user permission to flag content, allows members with NFT/token to vote after witnesses confirm content being flagged.
  • Integration of Biconomy Modular Smart accounts still in progress.
  • Group post implementation.

**we encountered an issue of video files downloading instead of streaming. we’re working with redsolver to fix that.

Links to Repos worked on

What we’ll be working on next

  • Set up admin api
  • Complete smart accounts integration for wallets
  • Continuous product testing

NB: we’d sincerely like to thank Nabarun for making the connection with the Biconomy team.