Foundation Codebase

I wanted to open this thread to discuss the Foundation codebase.

  • Where can we expect code developed by the foundation to be stored, ?
  • Will the us libraries be moved there?
  • Will there be any guidelines to submitting issues/PR’s?
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Yes, the current plan is to host Foundation repos on GitHub. I don’t have any specific guidelines in mind for issues/PRs, but perhaps we’ll adopt something like the us

For the time being, us will stay under my personal account. Over time, I expect that some of its code will be moved or copied into the Foundation, starting with basic packages like merkle, renterhost, etc. The primary bottleneck will be the Foundation’s ability to commit to supporting those packages. We’ll probably need a few in-house developers before I’m comfortable “adopting” us. That said, I’m eager to do so, since multiple developers have indicated that they held off exploring us too deeply because of its unclear support guarantees.