Connecting multiple Raspberry PI's


I’m newer to the Sia network but am really intrigued and excited about the platform.

I’m trying to connect multiple raspberry Pi 4’s together that are attached to 10 TB harddrives. I’m getting them up and running individually but I would like to manage all of the Raspberry Pi’s as one Sia node with 50 TB and not 5 individual nodes with 10 TB.

Is there a solution for networking computers together to be seen as just one Host with one Seed?


I’m not a networking guru but unless you can get them all to be treated as one network drive from another computer, the answer is no. siad currently has no intrinsic tooling for linking nodes together to show up as “one.”

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah I’m not strong in networking but I get the gist.

I want to setup a bunch, I think the best solution for me might be a VM that can log into each of the sia nodes individually. Still not Ideal but a lot better than having to have hardware to interact with each. These raspberry Pi’s won’t all be on the same network so that’ll be the fun part to figure out.