Communication: Outreach

This blog post is work in progress and I would be very glad to receive feedback and tips.

Goal of the proposal: Set a framework for communication between the foundation and the community.

Below are detailed a number of communication channels proposed:

Engineering Blog

The engineering blog is a communication medium where foundation developers make small yet detailed posts regarding progress and code changes. Example of this in action:

The blog would be located at The goal is for these updates to be short yet frequent (e.g. once or twice a week). Alternatively a topic/thread can be added to the Sia forum as well to stimulate usage of that medium. The main purpose of the engineering blog is to effectively synchronize between foundation development efforts and the community. It gives community developers a semi-live view on engineering efforts, enabling them to quickly give feedback and interact with the foundation team. Developers many times consider communication a chore, making this a great easy exercise to practice those communication muscles.

Office Hours

Office hours are one day a week where anyone can book a time-slot from e.g. 1 PM to 5 PM, usually 15 minutes, to ask questions and interact with the foundation.

This can easily be done through something like Calendly and integrated into the website.

The main goal of this is to avoid weekly calls where the foundation is waiting for people to ask questions (big waste of time) yet still enable the community to effectively interact with the foundation within a reasonable amount of time. Waiting for monthly town-halls to inquire on pressing development matters is too long. Therefore i envision office hours to be mainly used by third party developers.

Sia Happy Hour

The Sia Hacks Happy hour is a weekly or monthly event intended for community developers to showcase their products through demos, provide updates on progress etc. The main goals of the Happy hour is to (1) for the foundation to get a pulse on the type of applications being built on Sia and (2) enable developers to showcase/pitch and reach a wider audience. Pitching will greatly help future entrepreneurs building on Sia to gain practice and prepare/polish their product message for when they are in a meeting room facing the business customer. The slots for each project can be quick, 5 min with 5 min of questions.

Monthly Town Hall

The monthly townhall is a 15-30 min presentation by the foundation to inform the community on anything Sia/foundation related. After the presentation follows 15-30 min of Q&A. The goal is to keep the entire Town Hall under one hour. One might request for questions to be sent in beforehand. The town hall should be recorded and made public.

Quarterly reports

Quarterly reports should be just like quarterly financial report, that includes a synopses of foundation financials, active and future projects (including their spending), hires etc. This will enable a form of public “auditing” by the community.


Thanks, these are great suggestions. Early on I had the idea of doing “voice chat hangouts” where myself and/or other Foundation employees would idle in a Discord voice channel for a set period of time, so that people can drop in and chat more casually. The downside is that these hangouts wouldn’t be recorded (and even if it was, it wouldn’t make for great listening), so a more structured+focused “town hall” or community call still strikes me as a necessity.