Budget proposal: Yearly Siacoin Conference

I want to make the formal proposal of setting up a yearly Sia conference that is exclusive to Sia.
Budget: 25m siacoin (current price at 0.02$). Taek proposed in another thread ~400k-500k $ as the right amount for hosting a conference.

As most people around the world are being vaccinated, unless a new Covid resurgence happens, I think it will be safe to host a conference, judging from the existence of the Bitcoin 2021 conference. I don’t think Sia necessarily needs to host a formal conference this year, but it would be a good idea to make plans to host one up by next year. It would be good to see more members of the sia community and talk about how sia is going or make any announcements. It would also be good to have it yearly if we foresee sia becoming one of the top coins.