About the Proposals category

This category is for posting formal proposals. Proposals should be detailed and actionable, making specific requests of the Foundation’s resources. It is highly recommended that you post an informal outline of your proposal as an “Idea” topic (in the Foundation category) before creating a topic here.

We’re still ironing out the specifics of how what the proposal process looks like, how proposals should be formatted, etc. In the meantime, exercise your best judgment. For example, this would be a fine proposal:

We propose that the Foundation direct 5% of its budget towards sponsoring Sia-themed lemonade stands.

Every summer, thousands of children set up lemonade stands across the world, and studies[1] show that 47% of the adults who consume lemonade also have unmet cloud storage needs. As such, we believe this represents an excellent opportunity for promotion of the Sia platform. Below, we will detail the precise nature of this promotion, along with our justification for the figure of 5%…

Whereas this would…not be:

I talked to my coworkers at the animal shelter and none of them had heard of Sia. The Foundation clearly needs to spend more on marketing to pet owners.

Hello everyone,

As preparation for the transition towards Grants and Grant Proposals, we are archiving the old Foundation → Proposals category and creating a new Foundation → Grants category.
Users will not be able to reply to posts or create new threads in the old Proposals category, new posts in the Grants category will require filling out the Grants Proposal form.

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