Black screen

  • Hello,

    I tried few hours ago to send a folder which contains over than 13000 files for 180mo around.

    Since I selected this folder I have a black screen. After few hours I decide to quit and relaunch the tool, and no file were sent. Is there a bug with huge amount of file?

    thank you in advance

  • I've never read somewhere that this is not supported.
    But Sia wiki says that files are split in 40 MB chunks which then become 40 * 3 MB pieces.
    If I were you I would upload a tar or a zip first.

  • admins

    Likely the UI or siad did not like being fed 13,000 files all at once. We haven't tested at this sort of scale yet, best to stay below 100 if you can. Tar or zip will help a lot, especially if there are a lot of small files.

  • OK thank you,

    but I have folder that I cannot zip or I will use my time to zip and unzip ^^

    Do you know when you can handle such kind of behavior?

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