Slow upload speed

  • I try to upload a folder of 500Mb and literally it take days.

    Why this happens?
    How can we improve that?
    Are all redundant copies uploaded by me to hosts? can't they share?

    my upload speed is 100kb.

  • @hoster I'm in the same situation.My file is very small whose size is 184KB.
    When I uploaded it to the sia-ui last night,the progressbar stopped at the beginning,it seemed no action to the uploading.Then I shut down the computer.When I get up in the morning,it is uploading,but the speed is very slow too.

  • @hoster; the redundancy is obviously handled by the renter/host - you don't have to duplicate :-)

  • @larsfloe I am a renter. Would my machine upload 3 times the file blocks? Or my machine would only upload it once and hosts will exchange copies to reach 3x redundancy?

    @forest21000 minimum file size should be 40MB. check sia wiki.
    Files are split in 40MB chunks.
    You can upload smaller files but you will pay for 40MB I think...

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