Adding Siacoin To CoinPayments

  • Hi Sia Community

    CoinPayments is a payment gateway for merchants to accept cryptocurrencies. They currently offer 65+ coins but Siacoin is not currently listed.

    However, they have a 'Add A Coin' feature, where users can vote which coin should next be added to their services. If you would like to see Siacoin listed, then please consider submitting a request through their form.


  • that is a very valid call out - I'll vote for it inthere.
    especially if we ever want to see a widespread use, of SIA, we need to make the tokens easier to get hold of. Today I've use shapeshift for conversion, but it doesn't come cheap and is a bit nerdy :-) thax for the tip

  • Global Moderator

    I filled in the form, but it told me that it had already been requested and it can't be requested again.

    I guess we just need to wait until they have added it to the list.

  • FYI that Siacoin is now an option for the public to vote on to have included as a payment cryptocurrency.


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