Lost Transfer of Siacoin from Poloniex

  • Been several hours waiting for mine from Polo. Txid not found on Sia Explorer hash database. Double checked wallet address and it is correct. Restarted client and am fully synced.

    Will wait till morning and if still not in my wallet by then I will submit ticket with Polo.

  • I think the issue was/is on Polo's end, which is why they stopped withdraw/deposit requests for siacoin. I'm guessing they are fixing the problem now.

  • Also in same boat here, trans was from Polinex 'Hash not Found in Database'

  • Exactly same here, thank god i did a small test transaction first or i would not be sleeping tonight as i bought heavily into this.

    Glad to know polo refunded the coins, ill contact them now too.

  • Happened to me too. I even withdrew a small test amount 20 hours ago and it worked fine. 1 hour later, I withdrew a larger amount and its still not in my wallet (same address). Tx ID is not found on the block chain. And their support and mods are not replying at all. Pretty infuriating!!

  • I'm glad i found this thread before i withdrew. I'm going thru a similar problem with ETC. I withdrew a small amount at first that worked fine then upon trying a larger amount it got stuck for almost 2 days until I contacted support and had them cancel the transactions all together. I'm starting to have suspicions that they've been hacked and they're stalling everyone out until they recover the funds thru their fees or figure something out all together. Because in increase in users should have nothing to do with transactions getting denied and stuck all of a sudden.

  • I have another suspiscion. After running the Siacoin wallet for several DAYS and not yet receiving a sync'd wallet nor any credit for the 20,000 SIAcoins I purchased .... here's my hypothesis: SIAcoin is suffering from what is known as the "Syncronys SoftRAM" effect. Now, I don't have time nor space to address the scope of the issue here, but you should be able to figure it out using your favorite search engine. Hope that helped.

  • This same thing has happened to me. Bought on Saturday and tried to transfer the same day. Reports that it was completed on Polo side. Can not find it utilizing the hash at Sia.Explorer. Tripled checked the address. I opened a support ticket but has anyone else figured this out.

  • @ntsmitt Got the same issue. I read on reddit that people have waited over 7 days now for a refund..

  • @thranejepsen Thank you for the information. Wonder what the issues were. have you opened a support ticket also or heard back from them yet. I guess I'm looking for reassurance that these SC were not just evaporated somewhere.

  • Can anyone help me regarding transfer from poloniex to bittrex? Its been hours since my withdrawal from poloniex but my sia address in bittrex has not received any thing but my transaction has been completed

  • So looks like I join the long list of people being screwed over here. Polo has a long queue for tickets and despite literally making millions of revenue per day they cant manage to hire additional support personnel. Over 3 days ago I transferred 300000 SC to my wallet but it never made it, same story as here, they provided a TXID but it never actually hit the blockchain, I have made numerous transfers previously without problem, I double triple checked my wallet address as well. To date no response from Polo, not even an acknowledgement and when I asked about how long to get to the 3 day old ticket in the trollbox, they ban hammered me. I have written a comment on my ticket every day, no change in status, no update. My last email to them I attached a copy of all the evidence that they showed it transferred, my wallet address, the lack of existence of that TXID on the blockchain or in my wallet and told them in 24 hours I hire an attorney and then its to late too simply return my SC. I dont want to hire an attorney but I dont think they are giving me a choice and at this point over $500 is felony theft and I definitely can afford an attorney, VC's have paid me well lately. Anyone else considering legal action? Anyone else actually have a transfer show up after 3 days without?

  • I'm downloading sia wallet now and will test send a few coins from polo when my wallet is sync'd up. It doesn't look too good and I hate that I have them held hostage on polo at the moment.

  • I'm the OP and just like to chime in.

    I've not heard anything from Polo* and there's nothing in mike wallet.

    When I look at explore.sia.tech, I put address into hash field and it's not found in the database

  • @mrcastelo
    Welcome back "NEO", SIA its handy SCAM.

  • My advice to people who are purchasing/selling a 'new' coin on an exchange is that they keep the coin on that exchange until the forums indicate that the 'bugs' have been worked out.
    News Flash: There are always bugs that arise when coins enter new territory in distribution. There is a reason most wallets/sites suggest testing with a 'small' transaction to start with.
    Your investment is safest in your own wallet, but you shouldn't be investing your life savings in any new coin or a coin that is new to a particular exchange. If you want to build up a store of a coin in your personal wallet to 'stake' then you should use an exchange

  • @JoeStrange that has been dealing with the coin long enough that the process is bug free for them.

  • Same issue here. "Hash not Found in Database". Poloniex ticket has been open for > 100 hours without any movement.

  • @JoeStrange The advice I have for people buying VC is #1 use a well established exchange to buy your coin #2 dont leave your coin on the exchange, transfer it to you own wallet and secure your wallet while also keeping copies in triplicate. #3 start with a small xfer before you do a larger one to make sure you have your addresses right and there are no issues. The people here complaining are here because they did all the right things but still got screwed. If this was an issue that Polo froze all wallets and announced a hack and people were complaining about having $50k USD in long holdings on the exchange, I would have not much sympathy.

  • @Kilroy So your sc is back?

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