Sia v1.2.1 Released

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    Today we are releasing Sia v1.2.1. We've spent most of the past few weeks chasing bugs, memory issues, slowness issues, and in general have been trying to find every sharp edge and rough corner and smooth them out. The result is a release that is faster, more stable, and more user friendly than anything we've put out in a while.

    You can grab the releases from our website, or from Github:


    v1.2.1 contains performance improvements for both the host and the wallet. Creating, resizing, and deleting storage folders on the host in v1.2.1 is now substantially faster. Unlocking the wallet for the first time is moderately faster. After the first time you unlock the wallet using v1.2.0 or v1.2.1, future unlocks will be near-instantaneous.

    We fixed several memory bugs this release, and several other resource-consumption related bugs. Sia should take less memory, should run cleaner, should crash less frequently, and should be perfectly happy on machines with only 4GB of RAM.

    We've also pushed some tweaks to the hostdb so that it more heavily favors quality hosts instead of purely distinguishing based on price. IF these changes are successful, we'll be able to drop the default redundancy to 2x, which means that overall costs drop even though the average host is more expensive.

    The next release will be v1.2.2. It is slated for mid-May, and will have the primary goal of graduating Sia to a full backup platform. Smarter contract management, smarter file management, auto-repair for lost redundancy on files, and the ability to restore your files from an old backup are all on the roadmap for v1.2.2.

    You can check out the full details here:

  • I'm running 1.2.0 on Linux headless. So in order to upgrade, do I just need to turn off siad, replace siad and siac by their new versions and run siad again?

  • @siagogo yep just overwrite

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