UK based SIA enthusiasts?

  • Just trying to get an idea of how many here are from UK? It seems as though us Brits are somewhat behind in the crypto world, and I'm dead keen to find anyone local who even knows what a bloody blockchain is. Im in Huddersfield, W Yorkshire, and I feel very lonely (although I do public speak about blockchain and emerging tech) so far I don't meet that many people who have a clue what I'm going on about.

    PLease, someone, tell me im not alone......

  • @Anarcotech - Lol, sorry mate, I'm in the USA. Hope you find some blockchain enthusiasts near you, even if they're on "another chain" than Sia!

    I looked at this Sia host map out of curiosity. Looks like a host in London, UK.

  • I'm in the UK. I don't think too many people in the UK would know about SIA specifically, but obviously there are plenty who know about cryptocurrency in general. You may struggle to find like-minded people in West Yorkshire, but in the bigger cities there are meetup groups for all sorts of Crypto things. Lots in London obviously.

  • im in middlebrough, so not too far away. im new to mining but im into buying too. i have mined 21000 sia coins in 2 weeks but rates are now falling, i also bought 80,000 on a exchange. i do believe in there system and its future value. i also have other crypto coins in my portfolio

  • @Anarcotech your not alone mate, I'm a UK bod, down in the south east 😊
    I invested in Sia when the Sat's were 20 to 30 and loving the pumps and monies as I have around 5 million SC.
    Great product, great teams and huge exciting future!!!

  • if it ever gets to £1 a coin dinks are on you ;o)

  • Leeds UK checkin in. Been into crypto for a while, mostly LTC but looking to diversify. Only recently discovered and invested in Sia - looks promising.

  • @Anarcotech you bloody poms are all the same, whinging and complaining.
    Ooohhh the rain, ooohhh does anyone know about crypto.
    Im from Australia, been to York, love it.
    We have friends in Derbyshire and went there for their wedding.
    Was in England for 16 days and it rained once, apprently we're "lucky bastards" said in a northern accent.
    Check out Stratis they're in Europe somewhere? 😀

  • Liverpool / St Helens based Crypto nerd here! Would be great to have a north west meetup with some crypto enthusiasts!

    I an Smiggy, Therefore i Smig


  • @Anarcotech London here, mine Burst and share on Storj too.

    Press Officer for


  • Sia has a second cryptocurrency called the Siafund (SF). 3.9% of all successful storage contract payouts go to the holders of the Siafunds. 
    The current price of each SF solded hand by hand is 18-20k $usd. Check here for more SiaCoin news and announcements.

  • @Anarcotech i have an impression that these days meetups are often held in Spain and somewhere in the Easter Europe as well

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