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  • @Sanasol
    But I think you should call it "Network dynamics" instead of "Network statistics"
    Statistics are the absolute numbers, dynamics are changes of these numbers per period.

  • i love the idea but if sia coin doesnt start working on their concept someone soon will.and i mean there is no mobile wallet and they are not providing enought information where sia can solve problems i can see huge number of areas that sia will florish such it is the medicaljournals.bankaccounts.books.firm personal numbers for people.sia should keep things that are worth of kepping not things that doesnt matter.but filles like that are important for all of us such the books .tekchnics.all what we build until now should be kept in sia if something happen to the world our achievments should not go lost.
    i will stote im sia only important things .

  • @Sanasol Hi SiaHub (awsome site you have :-) ) ......

    I Am following the usge of the nwteork closesly. I'm puzzled with the ratio between the increase in the #of active host which is fairly small and #of total hosts which is very large over the last 30 days.

    Can it really be that only so few of those who tries out sia, choses to stay online for a longer time you think - that would be my conclusion when you just looked at the figures??

    Any other reason??

  • @larsfloe I dont see anything strange here.

    Many ppl tries Sia and ofc tries host some storage.

    But stays active only guys who target hosting.

    I think almost all users of wallet tried to start hosting, so thats why total hosts is huge.

  • @Sanasol - got it..
    perhaps you should introduce a new metric, hosts with out any avaialble space - they might be renters only and should perhaps not count as reals hosts, or ounly let them count as hosts if they've stied active for xx time??? just a thought..

  • @larsfloe
    I disagree.
    One of the first checks for a new host is to check if it found on SiaHub as host.

    The week and month network dynamics show the more real count.

  • @larsfloe there is no hosts with no available space, except moment when just started and data not yet loaded about storage and other host params.

    So actually as @reinisp said SiaHub is for checking host visibility.
    To get +/- accurate online hosts count you can check graph on network tab.

  • Very nice job !!
    Thanks for it

    Could be nice also to have bandwidth/collateral prices in the network tab. (could help hosts to set their price according the market)

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