Contract fees for allowance creation

  • Hello,
    I'm new in Sia and I don't understand what is the contract fees. With Sia Gui when you want to create allowance you have this message : "*contract fees are non-refundable. They will be subtracted from the allowance that you set."
    so if I choose to create an allowance with 5000 SC and I never upload a file, how many SC I will loose ?
    and second question, actually if I create an allowance of 5000 SC the estimate storage is ~20GB... it's look very expensive no ?
    5000 * 50 = 250 000 SC for 1To. (250 000 SC ~= 139€)
    thanks for your answers ;)

  • admins

    What version are you running, and did you wait until you had finished syncing before looking at the pricing?

    The contract fees are a flat fee of about 2000 SC + about 10% of the total. So for 5000 SC the fees are actually a big portion of the cost. But the remaining 2500 SC or so that's actually available for storage should be enough to cover between 300GB and 1 TB, a lot more than the 20GB you listed above.

  • Thanks for your anwser,
    I'm using the version 1.1.2 and yes it's fully synchronized
    screenshots :

  • admins

    Ok. This is mostly just an error in the graphical client. We've fixed the bug in the development branch, and you will be able to get the fix when we release v1.2.0

  • Don't you think that Contract fees for allowance are quite high nowdays?
    Shouldn't flat rate be tied to the average price of storage?
    I thinks this is one of the factors that's stops from increasing utilization rate.
    2% of utilization is not ok i believe.

  • Or even better flat rate should be tied to network utilization rate maybe?

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