I Too transfered coins to my Sia windows program wallet and never received em, stuck "Sync-ing" at 30,078 for 3 days now...wtf? thousands of sia coins now lost? Can you please reimburse me?

  • @Zackza
    Calm down.
    On windows (at least on windows10) your wallet can be found in the folder
    C:\Users{your windows username}\AppData\Roaming\Sia-UI\sia

    There is the consensus folder too.
    I remember here on the forum was a tip for downloading the consensus.db for those having extremely long syncing time.
    Have a look at it and try that out.

  • @reinisp Sorry i edited my comment to be nicer re read it, i apologize,

    I am on windows 7

    found 2 consensus.md files one is in Siacoin\resources\app\Sia\doc\api

    and another consensus.md in \Siacoin\resources\app\Sia\doc\

    whuch one should i ddelete?

    and I found my walle.md file in Siacoin\resources\app\Sia\doc\api is that ok?

    I also have my wallet string bacup, so that should also allow me to backup my wallet right? the long line of words like a brain alleet? right? I will have no problem with that, but youre trying to help me getmy sia program work as it is now an maybe resync right?

    i RREALLY apreciate the help and MANy peopel willbe happy to see such great suppprt! I will post this all on Steemit (my steemit is @ackza and i will show the steemit community how hepful sia coin support is! You guys have better support tan coinbase!

  • @Zackza
    I don't think that .md are the right files...
    What I know is that Sia is storing all the "operating data" (consensus,wallet,renter and so on) under the "user specific" folder and not in the application folder.
    The "AppData" folder is hidden/system by default, so you can not see it if you have not explicitly allowed to see and browse hidden and system folders.
    The AppData folder is in the same folder as your "Desktop", "Downloads", "My Documents" folders.

    I'm not sure if the AppData name is the same "AppData" or "Application Data" under Windows7, but if you get into that folder you should see Local and Roaming subfolders. Search for consensus.db file there and you will get to the sia operating data folder.

  • @reinisp OK that worked ! I had to find teh right consensus folder AND i found the wallet backup and inside the folder for wallet had the file with the seed (it is named sia wallet seed ) its awesome! I love this now!

    OMG found teh App data! I had to go under FOLDER options in CNTROl panel in winows 7 and do the whole "Shwo Hidden Files" trick! NOW i found the Appliccation or APP data under my user folder! it was HIDDEN before! Now i found SIA gui!

  • @Zackza
    Now follow the steps mentioned in the post

    Then you should be only a few hours from seeing your actual balance if your AppData folder is on a conventional hard drive or much sooner if you have SSD as your system drive.

  • @reinisp

    OUH Oh new problem now my walllet password wont work! it says Wallet Unlocked, rror when providing encruption key and it just worked a few mins ago, what happened!?!

    I am sorry for my franticness but I wanna use sia and wish the app would work..

    THANK YOU for the help i REALLy do apreciate it!

    OK NOW it works!

    had replaced the CONSENSUS file i took out of the api folder, and so i moved it backk, maybe that was it, I restarted sia, and it seemed to work wen I tried my passowrd, but no it cameback with same error message "error when calling /wallet/unlock: provided encryption key is incorrect
    " but im up to almost 7000 block height do i need to let it download before i can login with my walllet password?

    I still am happy i made oney with this but its unfortunately un usable at this time

    And about downloading a new consensus file.. is that necisary now? Pnly if it gets stuck again right?

    this is VERY tedious how do you expect non tech savvy people to EVER be able to use this? Well I get that my case is not normal, most people have newer computers but still you should have warned me not to send sia to a wallet that is not synced OR to not install sia on a computer as old as mine....theer was never a warning or minimum requirement info!

    i would apreciate you giving em a way to actualy get my coins , this hasntreally helped now that my password doesnt work!
    Well Its already downloading it...but if it gets stuc, ill repeat the steps and manually download it from the new instructions here rigt? http://forum.sia.tech/topic/155/consensus-db-downloads

    im definitly posting this on steemit ! They will LOVE to see how someone put five dollars intoan altcoin with promise and ended up with $152 a month or so later! I ccant WAIt for each siacoin to be worth $1 ill have $30,000 and I wil use ALOT of it for storage! wow cant wait to actually buy storage for my SMARTPHONE!

    can i use sia with my smartphone instead of icloud?

    wow i am kinda GLAD i kept my siacoins here where i couldnt spen em! if they were on poloniex i would have sold them awhile ago for more steller and ripple! wiw im glad i chose sia!

  • @Zackza
    You know, Sia is not really mature yet.
    It is working and being improved all the time.

    You can start over from scratch, but start it on a machine with SSD as system drive.
    If you did not share your seed with someone, your funds are safe and sooner or later you will get access to them.

    But do not expect a really big price increase unless the dollar crashes hard against everything.

    Sia is meant for storage. SC are used to pay for the storage. Trading them is a way to use them before it is mature and you are not interested in renting.
    On my node I get:
    host -v
    General Info: Estimated Competitive Price: 5.823 KS

    That means 5000 SC for a TB/Month.
    Do you think someone would rent a terabyte per 5000 dollar a month? The storage price in SC will get down, but then the investments needed to start a new hosting node (50KS for collateral) will be insane.

  • @reinisp yes I thoight about that!

    Its ok yeah ill wait, ill get a better machine to restore my wallet seed on, but i also am gonna guess my password isnt working because its not synced yet? need sto sync fiirst to let me login right?

    also i just get off on these idea of accumulative passive income of just collcting coisn from monetizing your cpu ith minig, monetize your hdd with sia and storj or monetize your Bandwidt with msytereum soon, haha and whats next monetizinga nd selling your Ram I guess Sia already knda oes that right as its ram hungry?

    I jut see so many possibiliteies for sia! and this whole blockchain tech! its ALOT more valuable tan people realize! especialy te abiliyto just have this much computing power! Ethereum with its infiniet scalablity withh be VERY useful when someone realizes they can run simulations of the universe with all these exohashs! And simualtions of te whole universe run on blocchain cuper computr networks that allow pepel to predict provcesm can end up paying istelf off! SO someone spends millions to use te entire ethereum system to run a simulation of the planet and actually predict crypto currency prices, and then use that info to make bets and make tthe money bak! I just think theers gonan be tns of things we can use a massive worldwide super computer for! and we will need SIA to STORE some of this data we will be creating in the future with he increase in cameras sensors etc

    but still thats cool that your getting thousands of sia for a terabyte!

    yah thanks for the reassurace!

    i really do apologize for the snappiness...whast your steemit name? I @ackza i will send you a couple steem dollars for your time! or email me with ur siacoin deposit address il send u some sia with poloiex or BTC if you want btc

    but cant sia go up and then the price can go down for storage at the same time? is it really necessary to keep sia price low to keep storage prices lo ccant they just adjust the price according to the sia coin price in dollars?

    imean its gone up over 10 fold revcently has that made the prie of storage go p 10 fold

  • @Zackza
    unfortunately I am not getting a coin from hosting as I haven't set it up to be operating safe and stable. And I doubt 5KS is really a competitive price now.

    regarding password I can't help. That's a question to the developers.
    Are the wallet passwords stored on the blockchain? I mean will the once set password persist after wallet recreation from seed?

  • I transferred 5000 Siacoins as a test, my macbook(latest model) has sycn'd but there is no sign of the coins in my wallet.
    What am i meant to do next ? I want to transfer a lot more coins but i am just waiting to ensure i figure this out first.

    Here is the address i sent the coins too: 13a86bf8d844c0d82f0350be53ede4770554f6ee3e2c7e1e204589514d5125690e7fa0a25d76
    I sent it from Poloniex to my sia wallet.

    Can anyone please advise what i should do next, i am new to this and would greatly appreciate some help!

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