Sia v1.1.1 Released

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    We are proud to be releasing Sia v1.1.1. There are two significant updates in this release. The first is that the file uploading process is much more scalable. Our previous release (v1.1.0) boasted greater than 200mbps upload speeds, but would slow down after the first 50-100 GB had been uploaded. This release will not slow down until well past the 1TB mark, so long as each individual file is smaller than 100 GB. This release also features improvements to the download speeds.

    The other significant change is in the hostdb. Previously, hosts would often not appear in the hostdb, or the hostdb would shrink for no reason. Now, the hostdb is much better at tracking hosts and not losing them. Also, the host ranking system has been improved.

    Please note that when upgrading, the first time you open the new version may take several minutes. It can take up to 10 minutes on an SSD and up to an hour on an HDD.

    With that out of the way, we are turning to our next major update: instant wallet unlocking. We hope to have this ready in the next few weeks. When instant wallet unlocking is in place, the RAM consumption should also drop by an estimated 500MB, making Sia more friendly to resource-constrained machines.

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