Sia v1.0.4 and v1.0.4-LTS Released

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    Standard Release:

    LTS Release:

    Today we are releasing v1.0.4, which is very similar to v1.0.3 except with a few bug fixes. The graphical client has some upgrades that allow you to more easily see file redundancy, move files around, and more gracefully upload and download entire folders.

    More significant is the introduction of our LTS releases. The LTS releases are slower to adopt features, which generally means more stability. Our next series of releases will be featuring major changes to the host, the wallet, and the renter. While we will be testing our new releases as much as possible, with changes this large bugs in production are inevitable.

    The LTS releases are primarily targeted at companies, exchanges, and services which rely heavily on Sia's stability. LTS releases will only upgrade to other LTS releases, and LTS releases will not include upgrades such as instant-wallet-unlocking until we are confident that no new bugs have been introduced.

    For most users, we recommend using our non-LTS releases, as LTS is over-cautious. We test every release, and we have lots of safety features to protect funds or data from being lost. LTS is primarily for users who will experience great disruption even if there are only minor bugs.

  • @Taek great idea to add a bit of stability into the inherently unstable world of crypto!

  • Still no update for public-key based hosts?

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    We are working on public key based hosts, but there is a lot of code that needs to be updated to make that a full reality.

    This PR was merged today:, and it moves in the direction of full integration for public-key based hosts. We are working on it, but it's going to take a little longer.

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