Mining Sia 'Failed to Start Kernel: -5' using Windows sia-gpu-miner

  • Hi

    I was exploring mining Sia, and I encounter this error when I go to launch the sia-gpu-miner.

    Failed to Start Kernel: -5

    Is there a list of the error codes anywhere ?


  • Well that's a new one. Looking through the header files:

    /* Error Codes */
    #define CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES -5

    What card were you mining on/what intensity did you try running? I'd suggest ~27 for most modern AMD cards, but doesn't hurt to start low.

  • To follow up in case anyone else runs into this.

    My error, my card did not meet memory requirements. Was just 1 GB.

    Likely the cause.

  • admins

    You shouldn't need 1GB of video memory to mine Siacoins, I'm guessing there was another resource that was having issues, or that you were using the graphics card for something else at the same time.

  • @Taek

    My error - that was Ethereum ETH that had the GB requirement for mining.

    I'll retry with SIA.

    Just occurred to me, SIA allows for people to use their graphics card during system down times? To acquire SIA, in turn ? giving the user disk space.

    So - heh- SIA allows for this statement to be valid.

    "Hey Sheila, how come you have so much storage space?"

    "Because Ralph, while I sleep, my graphics card earns me SIA which in turn makes my hard drives happier because they do less work !"

    heh - maybe better worded...

    Who would have guessed you can get MORE disk space with your graphics card.

    Well - SURE - I joined CUDA developer group for one purpose, to USE video cards to do optimized non lossy compression in the background at one point...

    But MINING SIA ? while you sleep ? to earn SIA that you can use to TRULY improve your resources on your PC/laptop ?

    I JUST realized that typing out a few lines here.

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