Sia v1.0.3-rc3

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    The v1.0.3 release is just a few days away. These are release candidates for what v1.0.3 could be, meaning that if no bugs are found in these candidates v1.0.3 will be the same.

    For people who have not been following development, this is our first release in almost 3 months. These three months have been focused primarily on stability and bugfixes, and we are excited to announce that most of the major bugs have been taken care of. Fixes include upload speed, uploads pausing unexpectedly, uploads stalling indefinitely, the UI crashing unexpectedly, Sia crashing unexpectedly, DoS vectors in the peer-to-peer networking code, the UI starting up incorrectly, the renter spending too much money, the storage estimates being wildly inaccurate, and perhaps a dozen more things.

    In short, v1.0.3 is the polished product that a lot of people were expecting from v1.0.0. I encourage everyone to give the release candidate a shot, because v1.0.3 is going to be the face of Sia for a while. If we can find a few more bugs in the days leading up to the release, v1.0.3 will be that much more stable over the next few months.

    And I want to stress, this release is miles more stable than anything we've ever released. It's really exciting, because we can say that Sia finally appears to be working, even for files that are as large as 100GB. That's extremely exciting for decentralized cloud storage, and we hope everyone gets to give it a shot.

  • I'm new to Sia and this one just works on my Mac when old v1.0.2 keeps crashing siad. Great release!
    Synced 47% now.

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    Excellent! Really glad to hear that it's working better for you.

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