UI indications to guide hosting pricing

  • I have no idea of the feasibility or ease of implementing this but as a lay person trying the hosting function through the UI, I found it a 'stab in the dark' process when it comes to setting competitive pricing and other parameters. I believe it would be a great help to have some kind of feedback of existing network conditions related to pricing etc. Exactly how this is best formatted to reflect how one value alters across another I am not sure but any information would be helpful for someone trying to decide their parameters.

  • This a very valid point. It should not be hard to grab a price from Polo and the present purchases in terms of real-world money in addition to Siacoin. Right now, people have to calculate these things themselves. I understand the Sia devs are crazy busy implementing core features first, but this is a low-hanging fruit anyone with time on their hands could implement. Sia needs a bounty program for these kinds of tasks.

  • I would add that as far as widespread acceptance goes this sort of UI stuff can easily be underestimated and is most often all that a lay user sees when forming an opinion. I can't think of another situation similar where you are expected to configure options without some degree of reference.
    Anyway, just my ten peneth, hope it's of some use. :)

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