Unclear SC withdrawals (expenses)

  • I have noticed my balance has halved. But I do not know why.
    You can call this a "request for feature":
    The client UI should mention at least type of a transaction, if it is originating from the client.
    I simply do not know why are SC disappearing from my balance...

    A. It could be transfers to some other account. But I know I have not transferred anything anywhere, so these transactions could mean someone else is siphoning my wallet.
    B. I have pressed the "Buy storage" once and chosen the 10GB option, but not uploaded any files. Later I saw i have 135GB space... So this could be a bug in the UI client and it is requesting (buying) more than ordered.
    C. I have announced (hosted) 1TB storage. So these withdraws could be some sort of locking for collateral, but then the amount is unclear. And there were no contracts active at the time I discovered the SC disappearing.

    So, now as I am at the host and can copy.
    It is strange if not suspicious. How can one leave a unattended wallet open (unlocked) after seeing this:

    Recent Transactions
    Net Value Transaction ID Confirmation Status
    5834.498 SC 24b2addb4f59de9b138a78c54b15835c767c65d1c93b9baf8141e07824e88768 Confirmed
    0 SC 2a054d3133e2214d46e2fc1e7093c76cd26a7041cc8b8733846afad8dd63d359 Confirmed
    -100.9214 SC 0a6052fb97c5c3021913c128c2ff082ba4cb505898b8ae293844d8536ad20231 Confirmed
    0 SC 0fd42754f8d3ebad2ae12cea06efed3a91756a3d9f07eb5e48c9f827ac05ac4f Confirmed
    -207.0231 SC 8ae9e1d3c5e2652f0d7d3cab0337305c9f70462fa519bf0bbc69868690fa1ac1 Confirmed
    0 SC 3721fdc18f4257f8bef41bf05cc813a9a9508f7cd1bebce82f6acbfd726a58f0 Confirmed
    -332.7772 SC a14e84db76763d8c7b4732f0533f6752d94181d7f97110a8b99c9bc0be182b2e Confirmed
    0 SC b8f65cf751a4f033de5e7fd7504c59e5f696527883052f20ce527fe31b5de7d6 Confirmed
    -219.2526 SC 8c8c7a6f6169ebb19115c1170a45b6ec1de80dac8407a45446a04d647eeec228 Confirmed
    0 SC 2edc45791e72c6e13f293fbbd842b4acaf871bcc059e4296292bd1ae493c09d1 Confirmed
    -254.8858 SC d163d512909f7f26af9804adc46df286bfcb4c81dc701d540904041a59330bfe Confirmed
    0 SC a15719fe96f45d41c4bd2d924d81f812170e0a4afe8eef50d97d37ebc6568f7e Confirmed
    -184.679 SC c179e99f2988c9027e72bdcd2139b34c6eaf66f66c96ba52453c5e5244d99fe7 Confirmed
    0 SC 52c7740a7c5c79f93e86d08abcdda63a716091162895b59ae0d84feac30c5bbc Confirmed
    -164.7831 SC 938a18c3c92c918ae0faeb2a6ea4bb5ed418a60cf9dbdc442d79795b9ca9ee9f Confirmed
    0 SC 043b0c135b1bc91b9d7f4c07519350c376e3d6e2360e6b60c162b5940002cab4 Confirmed
    -151.366 SC 161dfd614b348fc04efa4493bc4821bf4afee73b92d74f30a56883fcd44e7869 Confirmed
    0 SC a3c13eba3b7e3f644e9da5c8dcb1ced630edc6e4f5f4dc2f831ca140fd7291aa Confirmed
    -193.4718 SC cbf706b03f4d2a56696b88555de11e33563ac062bdb5c0e9d16447a3aa7fe96a Confirmed
    0 SC f83a83562393d82b96050f19ba8e75bdc92586aa1231e82e732b8ee193af6569 Confirmed
    -190.7744 SC ecd8282fadbd0311042ee826e635249074cd7aff964d4eed2655c75dfe6aef6f Confirmed
    0 SC 5ab5aa9c88180eeec766a6c2d3e546224e50c328d443576ec8b9530dcef47605 Confirmed
    -219.2526 SC 553aaa845a7c704b5a3f02a03a22aa41f1728b0276beab69cfdd84e94e9cb99e Confirmed
    0 SC 858ce183cd588e38af284eb3d3152811a99fe527c1b79976bc8fd93af2cb7310 Confirmed
    -246.3678 SC a1a602448514cf8235df43ab3a8350c4813f36a7597393ac55015b335285df84 Confirmed
    0 SC 25f9d4f27a5b0399b4350a78447cea9732c92dd86ab70902fdd12c5ae8b4d0cc Confirmed
    -219.2631 SC be41cb2e3d7f83e7dde27779ad18aef8503ad889821005fddd4a5dff8291c355 Confirmed
    0 SC 040da77963b412ae3bd13150a6519d467ac6e168798e1b01a030f306d5aa93f4 Confirmed
    -184.6869 SC f67f98c9ee6f9a633b0fc5f3fd7eaa429faf9927be47243de2117b9e1b9b6aeb Confirmed
    0 SC 980d2b5a0ca495d6a2b4bea6988c31e8547e98ddf09f3466b947cf117da77c9f Confirmed
    -332.7982 SC ad115bbe0b249a154e5615d8faf02249ab844882919580d3682f8b119b243b35 Confirmed
    0 SC 506ad1895a010803e248661a96c426c412eccf291f57c5c4635893dd29869ff5 Confirmed
    -51.73 SC f60fee3442730cc9c3866a07aec960c4f63e105f3621872aae9fda3a7ae002ff Confirmed
    0 SC 850c88712ce003f5a353482f6eafdf8e7e782fb4330c53628906784b8cfa25af Confirmed
    -51.73 SC 58738b5936d0b1956a427cd6181e57edea20f99bbc0a532dc804024b943a6037 Confirmed
    0 SC 3292b033a14091c0113d1a1827ebdef97f979f02a7fa241d3a85763fbf1d0d38 Confirmed
    -164.7958 SC ab4fc5603af335b0d118315c6d4a38709afa5785a6db027fc39897227ad84789 Confirmed
    0 SC 0e099b645f1939171c53fda7e5cb1df6ce19afed469a6f65bbd84d93a32757eb Confirmed
    -193.2587 SC 75ae207a4766315e32bb3b646959f6e375793e8e1937d996aa90f4311966028d Confirmed
    0 SC 476cf53c40bbaa60db093086a3db32cb010bc7690897a715b71c883e6d076e96 Confirmed
    -121.5894 SC 9147df7809c71b988bc51794a6d1adc7557dea7718e435524d5977cb45af2186 Confirmed
    0 SC 25f4ee8ffe2687c4b3e28d848ef50b039a0d5cfdca73cfadd68a6cb368a26cdf Confirmed
    -231.445 SC ffe5893fe0583bded6fac577f010247e2d63aa30c29b2d7480738051590ca642 Confirmed
    0 SC 877c933289ef264ecd2e4c9845d409056c57cb9353c3f341f89d15b77b854edd Confirmed
    -190.7848 SC 0d884e85c27db7e3284b9c0aa8d621a54c6f69e051bfa558a210628fb2e572fa Confirmed
    0 SC 93c3f22977f316bb4beed511c06362da3dba4cca7234f66165180d7b9769a594 Confirmed
    -87.7727 SC da7418127cb0222519333cb42f26987636e04a6bdd35f05e8c182ed81792bf99 Confirmed
    0 SC 87f30e5476ec4b5034b0c84d57680fb4d0efbbe317c1bd6702ec3cd5af54e9d3 Confirmed
    -165.0602 SC db2e06730fe903990fea4d16eb9ae99941a94d4f8a72dc1cc4ec91e0e0d626c5 Confirmed

    It looks even worse if you think
    What? 230SC disappear???
    That's already one third of "Estimated Competitive Price" for 1 Terabyte/month... Or in other words- hey, there has just a terabyteweek disappeared! What is the point of this altogether?

  • Seems you summed up the amounts wrong. Otherwise, 230SC does not seem an awful high price for 10GB of storage.

  • @in-cred-u-lous
    It's all relative (the price). 230SC for 10GB storage isn't much. That is not the problem, it is just a the price of revenue for 300GB hosting.
    My problem is-
    there are simply many "small" transactions with negative 50-350 SC amount and 0SC transactions between them. But no explanation what these are- "normal transfers from wallet to wallet" or "payment for rented storage space" or "collateral for offered storage space".

    And why do I have "0 B Used / 149 GB Available" if I ordered just 10GB?

  • I found I'm not the only one confused.
    From this topic
    How did i just spent 170k sc ?!
    I find those payments most probably are payments for my ordered 10GB storage.

    But I still think it would be very informative, if there would be a symbol or color or another marking at payments related to file contracts/collateral locking/manual transfers. So, that's a feature request for the next versions.

    @EvoSteven, any update on the mentioned thread? Did you figure out how long it takes to receive back unspent coins from a renting contract?

  • It usually will take a 12 weeks cycle to get the unspent coins back.

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