Pay Out?

  • I have 203 contracts now and I see I have some SIAcoin ready to be collected. How often does payout occur?

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    When a user's siacoin wallet uploads a file to your host it also specifies a time for how long the file should be kept, then it makes a transaction (quite a few, actually) to your host's wallet for the price/GB/time you set in the host config. This transaction takes as long to confirm as the file should be online (as I understand it). Every now and then the client will ask the host to prove that it still has the original file that was uploaded, this is a storage proof. If in the end all storage proofs are valid the transaction goes through and you receive the money.

    TL;DR: When someone's file expires/gets renewed.

  • @Fornax Thanks! Is there any additional documentation on this?

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    @JPCrypto I got this information by paying attention to the Slack channel.

    In your wallet installation there's a doc directory where you can find detailed information on how everything works. You can also find there documents on github: Contract

  • @Fornax Thanks! I'll take a look.

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