Updating Files

  • Once I have uploaded files to Sia, when I make changes to those files on my computer they are not automatically synced with Sia, correct? So if I want to save new changes to a file then I would need to reupload that file to Sia. Is automatic syncing between files on Sia and your computer something that will be implemented at some point?

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    Correct. Synchronization (or, versioning) of a file is not yet implemented in Sia. The developers have talked about implementing this in the future as a native feature of the daemon (siad). An alternative would be to implement it through the API.

    The GNOME-Shell extension, for instance, does some synchronization/versioning by comparing filesize of uploaded and local files. Currently, there aren't similar tools for other platforms, though they should not be difficult to write. It will come.

    Synchronization between computers is a feature often asked for and discussed before on this forum. Again, Sia does not currently support it, but it might be implemented through the API as it stands.

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    We do plan to add synchronization tools at some point. Currently, there's no API for editing files, which means you'd have to delete-and-reupload to change a file. We already have a protocol written that will safely enable making modifications to files without incurring huge upload overhead, but will take some time to get to that.

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