• How can I tell if my hosting is working? Haven't gotten any contracts.

  • You wallet needs to be unlocked.

    Do you show up here? If you're running Sia 0.5.x you may not, but if you're running 0.4.x you should be listed there. I'll update SiaPulse soon so all hosts are detected.

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    We've actually got metrics that will show how many times people have pinged you. The number 1 reason for not appearing would be not having forwarded ports. If you are using the default ports, you'll need to forward port :9982 for your IP address.

    We forgot to include the host metrics in this release, they should be in v0.5.2 however.

  • My wallet is unlocked so it's not that..ummm and I'm not showing up on that list, but i'm using 5.1 it may be the port forwarding, but now sure how to do that...I'm on Windows 10.

  • PS oh also i'm not using a router. :)

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    Ok. I'm guessing that you are being seen on the network, and that you just aren't on siapulse because siapulse has not yet updated.

    What price did you set? It can take a few days to get contracts, especially if your price is over 100 SC / GB / Mo.

    My price is set to 25 SC / GB / Mo, and I've gotten about 300 contracts over the past 72 hours.

  • If you would let us know your IP we can also quickly check our hostdb if you appear there.

  • Thanks cred please check your hostdb for this ip

  • grrrr sorry cred it's this ip instead my bad...

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    You're not in my hostdb :(

  • Ok fornax,thanks. I'll just keep plugging at it till I can figure it out.

    Thanks much.

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    @aj are you on a static ip address or a dynamic one?

  • I believe it's dynamic Taek.

  • You want your host IP to be static. Or, announce your host with a hostname and use DynDNS.

    Problem is, when a file contract is made the renter remembers your host based on IP alone. So, when your IP changes the renter can no longer connect to you to confirm the pieces stored on your host are still there. So, the renter assumes the pieces are lost and you dont get paid and renter has to re-upload that piece to a new host (which could be you again).

    Also, you want to make sure your host has high uptime.

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    I realized there's a pretty trivial way that we'll be able to support dynamic IP addresses. We'll just use a peer network the same way that the Gateway works. I don't know why I didn't see that as a possibility before, but now I feel pretty silly. Since we've already got all of that code in place for the gateway, I really don't see it being a problem to implement for hosts.

    You will still need to forward your ports, there's no efficient way around that. But, the tools for automatically forwarding ports have improved significantly.

  • Question: I now click announce and I am getting this message that says, "transaction set needs more miner fees to be accepted. Does this mean that my hosting is working and what must I now, do to have it accepted?

  • @Taek if you mean that you will just announce yourself to the network with a "My new IP is now" message, remember that could lend itself to DoS attack if someone spoofs being someone else, unless you identify yourself with some keys, too. It also may require repeatedly announcing your IP changes, because renters may not be online to see your "IP change announcement" the first time. So perhaps it would require having an announcement that says "I'm the guy who used to be known by the following IPs: a, b, c, d, e... and here's the cryptographic stuff to prove I'm not lying", and repeating that announcement periodically.

  • Umm no, I'm saying this is the message i got when I announced. This message came up "transaction set needs more miner fees to be accepted." I'm asking if this means that the hosting is working? I'm also asking in response to that message what should I do?

  • @aj, I don't know what that message means; I was answering Taek, not you...

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    @LjL, we will of course be adding keys if we start allowing hosts to change their IP addresses. We should have added keys a while ago, they are useful for other reasons as well.

    @aj: damn. The transaction pool only has so much space for free transactions, it looks like it's currently full of file contracts. If you try again in a few hours you shouldn't have any problems. Looks like we're hitting scalability issues earlier than expected, people are uploading more small files than we anticipated. We're working on the scalability upgrades now, they should be ready in a few weeks.

    In the mean time we'll probably release another version or another set of binaries that limits the total number of files in the renter to 100.

  • @Taek So ok does that also mean my hosting is working?

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