HOWTO Use Amazon Cloud Drive for host storage (Ubuntu)

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    A free year of Amazon's Unlimited Everything cloud drive (regular price $59.99/yr) is included when you buy a device/table at Amazon. Seemed like a good idea to put that unlimited storage to some good use :-)

    The instructions below use acd_cli (GitHub) to configure a FUSE mount point on your local file system, to which the /host folder is then symlinked.

    I have not yet fully tested this. Initial tests suggests it may be a bit slow. I'll let this run for a while and share my experiences.

    Set up acd_cli

    sudo apt-get install python3-pip
    sudo pip3 install --upgrade git+

    Authorize acd_cli to access your Amazon account.

    acd_cli -v init

    and follow in-terminal instructions.

    Synchronize local database
    acd_cli sync

    Mount Amazon drive in a local directory
    mkdir ~/Amazon
    acd_cli mount ~/Amazon

    Replace /host directory with a symlink to Amazon drive
    cd ~/Sia (location where your siac is located)
    mv host/ host.ori
    mkdir ~/Amazon/siahost
    ln -s ~/Amazon/siahost host
    cp host.ori/settings.json ./host/

    That's it :-)

  • Does this effect the network negatively or is this just as fine as a regular dedicated host (if not better due to more reliable uptime?)

    If you don't have unlimited bandwidth with amazon you should be careful, the reason I want to switch my hosting to here from there is the $80/month for about 35gb bandwidth...

  • It won't improve the uptime since Sia is still running on your own computer. You would only use the Amazon cloud drive for storage of hosted files.

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