Endless wallet addresses are auto created

  • Hi,

    I have 2 ubuntu system running with about 300 Sia coins each. After the block is synced, I unlocked the wallet, everything is fine, then i sent coins to the wallet, again everything is fine, but when I update the funds using the "Renter" API endpoint new wallets are created, a lot, as long as the wallet is unlocked when is checked my addresses list using the API I get hundreds new a day in one system I am at 11K after 3 days running unlocked. when I lock the wallet, this behavior paused until I unlock it again and it starts back up. (I managed to upload and download 2 files as a test so I know I am using the API correctly)

    Is this an expected behavior for Siad? is there a way to stop it? am I doing something wrong?

    Will very much appreciate your help,

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