Coins not shown up

  • Hello,

    Sent >400.000 Sias to my wallet from Poloniex, the wallet is synct already, already closed, and reopened. - no coins here, so i rescanned the blockchain, coins not showing up... already 300 confirmations on the Chain.
    So tried SiaClassic - not showing up.
    wallet addresses shows me this address, so should be fine.

    don't know what i can try else?

  • Global Moderator

    If you have not update to v1.3.7 or above, please do so and resync your blockchain.

    Find me on the Official Sia Discord.

    Feel free to donate if I helped you!
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  • i updated to 1.3.7 but i'll try, maybe i updated after sending, don't know.

  • For me, I always forget about updating which causes similar problems

  • they are here now :) - thx

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