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  • We have heard of the POLO wallet issues, but I am seeing Bittrex Wallet under Maintenance now. Anyone know if this related to the POLO issue- or separate?
    Would be good to get some words in on this because escalating exchanges stopping SIA COIN flow would be a big concern IMO. Lets stay ahead of the rumors and communicate now. Thanks


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    @meobeou Probably just regular maintenance.

    Make sure you tag me @bryan if you need to me respond.
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    POLO wallet issues

    I heard the other day that the problem was in the mempool which was full

  • The Maintanance problem has already been solved, right? I wanna try Bittrex. Just in case, I was looking for some useful advice on crypto exchanges and then I found this article - Quite a lot of information. However, I don't agree with some points there, for instance, I don't put hope into airdrops/bounties and I don't like ICOs as well, 'cause you never know, right? So I resort to buying crypto, and one of the new platforms offering low fees and good security is GetEx (, if it is not against forum rules to show the link. THey are to be launched soon, so I wonder if someone has heard of them as I had?

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