Wallet updated to 1.3.7, not showing transactions after 2018-10-31

  • Hello,

    I am struggling with Sia Wallet and lost transactions,

    My. Wallet was ruining fine ton 1.3.1 till on 22nd December I was supposed to receive some sia and it did not reach me. So, I contacted siamining and they advised me to update the wallet to latest 1.3.7 and told me that after update, transaction will show.

    I update the Wallet on 27th December and then wallet only show transaction till 2018-10-31 and one transaction on 2018-12-22

    All transaction after 2018-10-31 are missing then one transaction 2018-12-22 appears and then again, all missing after that

    My Miners are doing transactions daily and I don’t where are those going.

    I tried communication with Siamining but they are unable to help me.
    I tried removing wallet and getting it back.
    I tried completely deleting SIA-UI and its data and again downloaded full sia data
    I tried changing computer and downloaded new sia data
    I Tried working with troubleshooter https://siawiki.tech/wallet/lost_transactions_troubleshooter

    sia>recover-windows.exe scan
    Generating keys... Finished in 6.39 seconds.
    Scanning blockchain...
    Scanned to height 188816 (largest index seen: 41)
    Finished scanning. Largest index found: 41
    Suggested seed progress: 46

    sia>recover-windows.exe set 46

    Rewrote seed progress from 46 -> 46

    The next time you unlock the wallet, it will need to do a full rescan.

    but nothing improved, still when i open my wallet it shows transaction all transaction before 2018-10-31 and one transaction o 22nd December. (all in between and after that are lost)

    I am not that technical to understand this advanced technology, but i think around 2018-10-31, there was new sia things, like Sia and Sia classic etc,

    I was mining Sia till 2018-10-31 and on this date i changed to Sia Classic, ( i understood that Sia is now sia classic and no need to change wallet. and receiving address)

    So now I am totally in dark what is going on and what to do.

    Can anyone help me please?

    Thank You

  • First of all, when Sia hardfork occurred on 2018-10-31 and you did not update your wallet, you continued to mine on the old blockchain. If you did not change any settings of your miner, then Siamining has probably redirected your mining to Sia Classic.

    However, you will not be able to see your transactions on Sia wallet, because for this you need a Sia Classic wallet. You will not see any Sia Classic transactions with a Sia wallet.

    The only question is where your single transaction on December 22 comes from. Maybe this one is from the Sia shares between your last payment in October and the moment of the hardfork.

    Quote from siamining.com:
    "You must also upgrade your Sia wallet software to version 1.3.7, otherwise it won't be able to see transactions sent after the fork. "

  • Hello,

    According to your instructions I downloaded "SiaClassic-UI-1.3.4-win32-x64" and opened my wallet ( same seed which i have been using for SIA) and it Again it is showing transaction till 2018-10-31 21:50 and one transaction on 2018-12-22 21:19.

    Please note: i have not downloaded SIA (15 GB) again, i just downloaded UI and removed existing wallet from SIA data and opened wallet again. do i have to download SIA data again ?

    I am totally confused,

    1. SIA and SIA Classic are 2 different things. then why SiaClassic-UI is showing SIA transactions.

    2. I never created any SiaClassic wallet, Is my SIA wallet address good for Sia classic as well. and if not what about the transaction which i have been receiving from 2018-10-31 till now on SIA wallet. are those lost?

    3. I again obtained Sia 1.3.1 , Downloaded SIA data, and opened my wallet, i can see all my transactions from Day 1 till today (except one transaction on 2018-12-22), what is this and why> do i have SIA or sia classic , or mix of both.

    Please advise.

    Thank you

  • Before the fork on Oct 31 there was one blockchain, SIA.

    After the fork happened the blockchain split into two just like a fork does (in fact, there were more fork teeth but let's forget about this for the sake of simplicity).

    Before Oct 31: one blockchain, "SIA" = "SIA Classic", all blocks and all transactions are identical.
    After Oct 31: two blockchains with different blocks and different transactions. You could choose either of them. In fact, you could even choose both. The blockchain you're on depends on the client you use.
    From Siamining perspective, the blockchain you mine on depends on the port you are connected to and the hardware you use (Obelisk/Non-Obelisk).

    This is why you can see your pre-Oct-31 SIA transactions with your SIA Classic wallet.
    This is probably why you can see your post-Oct-31 transactions with the outdated SIA wallet. It looks like you're on SIA Classic indeed.
    I'm not sure if the wallet address can stay the same both for SIA and for SIA Classic. But the logic above assumes that it can.

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