Do not come siacoin on the wallet Sia-UI.

  • Hello. Congratulations to all the New Year holidays. My miner mines siacoin. For the output of siacoin, in the miner indicated the address specified in the field Receive siacoin of my wallet Sia-UI. 2 times my miner sent payments of 100 siacoin. Coins on the wallet did not come. The time from the first payment is 1 month. What does this mean? Where do siacoin payouts go? Why does the address in the Sia-UI wallet Receive siacoin field change every time? Technical support does not want to answer. Thank.

  • I will add to the above ...

    1. Sia-UI is synchronized.
    2. Sia-UI updated to the latest version.
    3. The address for the withdrawal of siacoin exists in the list of "wallet adressess" wallet Sia-UI.

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