Useful website monitoring tool for geeks

  • Hi guys, have you ever been in a situation when you are running a website yet always be the last one to know that it has been dead for a couple of days? If yes, you can try out VGuarders; this app is a productive monitoring tool that notices you immediately when anything unusual occurs to your website. I've been using it for couple of days and it works really well.

    Here are some prominent features of VGuarders:

    • Analyze the visitors’ possibility to stay or leave the website.
    • Enable users to know website issues by providing users with instant notifications of the website status.
    • Enable users to understand the website performance and user experience in different regions anytime and anywhere without sitting in front of the computer 24 hours.
    • Provides users with Internet speed test including the status of the website, the speed and the quality of the connection.

  • very helpful post, thanks for sharing.

  • i've been using website monitoring tools for some time, they are very productive that notices any unusual activity on our website.

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