I think is time to change!

  • First of all, people have to buy SIACOIN before using SIA cloud. The operation is complicated and unacceptable to many ordinary users. Not to mention the instability of the currency, which is a huge flaw in business. The SIA has become a pure speculative tool that cannot really be accepted by ordinary users.
    1: Develop mobile, PC- and web-side applications, open interfaces, and provide free storage for a certain amount of space. Let people feel safe, convenient and fast.
    2: Cloud computing! I am talking about distributed computing. Like BOINC, volunteers provide computer computing power to science projects free of charge. There are physical, chemical, biological, mathematical, medical and other projects running on them.
    And after so many years, it has been running very well.
    Many blockchains today use POW, to be honest, there is not much meaning other than wasting electricity. So many people criticize, but what if they calculate various scientific projects?
    Many small projects are unable to lease the use of large computers, nor can they be approved on BOINC. But if the SIA can put together the computing power and provide it for a fee, it will be good for everyone. Customers can get powerful computing power, and we can get benefits. There is no meaningless waste for society.
    This project is easy to expand and form an industrial chain.
    If you don't make a quick change, it is estimated that the future is slim.
    I recommend developers and operators to get to know the BOINC program.
    my english no good, that is our hope.

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