Sia Proof-of-Work Reset

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    After much discussion with the community and an in-depth look into the economics of ASIC manufacturing, the Sia core team has decided to reset the Sia Proof-of-Work function to brick the Bitmain and Innosilicon hardware. We are making this decision after much discussion and careful deliberation over the implications that this will have for the Sia network. We believe that this decision builds the best future for Sia, and sets an example for others in the cryptocurrency ecosystem going through similar challenges.

    The rest of the article can be found here.

    Also to be noted:
    A3's and Inno ASICs will still be usable on the Hyperspace network.
    Information on that project can be found here

    Happy Mining.

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    Remember to update to v1.3.7 to ensure that you still have access to the main Sia blockchain after the fork.

    Hardfork block: 179,000 (at ~2018-10-31)

    Download the latest version of wallet:
    Countdown timer:

    If you encounter any issue during updating, feel free to ask for help on Discord or on the forum.

    Find me on the Official Sia Discord.

    Feel free to donate if I helped you!
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