Renter feeling

  • Hi,

    In the past I have used Sia to test it as a home backup for some files at dsl speed. (~ around version 1.3.1) Since the client and the protocol felt immature due to slow upload I decided to wait for it a bit more.
    I decided to retest now on 1.3.3 and I face the same issue. Contract formation is fast, but after that, noone takes my data.After 2 hours not even one byte is uploaded! I have zipped my files in chunks of 40 mb to make it easier for Sia. Sia ports are open in the firewall.

    Do I do something wrong?

    Should/Can host scoring take into account contract formation & upload download earnings by parsing the whole blockchain? Hosts not accepting data should be penalized somehow.

  • You have not stated your settings for allowance.
    Most typical issue for slow (or none at all) uploads is the allowance is set to small (just covering the contract creation fees) or for a too long duration resulting in lack of available hosts accepting that long contracts.

    My renter works fine, it is saturating my capped internet bandwidth.
    Due to bandwidth limit (20Mbit) I have uploaded only ~450GB of data

  • renter allowance

    Amount: 5 KS
    Period: 12960 blocks (I haven't set that, is that ok?)

    Only 1666 are spend on contracts

    I have 1mbit upload dsl speeds

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