sia transaction I don't understand

  • Dear all

    I started playing with SIA few days ako
    I installed sia client on mac
    bought some ETH, converted some and bought almost 3k SC
    setup small allowance of 100SC
    contracts formed,
    I uploaded some files
    all sweet

    a few days later I started playing with minio integration.
    I am not that Linux savvy so command line interface is a bit of a challenge but I think I managed
    I can still see 1KS allowance for period 13104 blocks

    The only problem is that now my SIA wallet is empty
    I can see a transaction withdrawing all the remaining 2.7k SC
    I can see transaction ID and date and I cannot connect it to any action I did.

    I assume I must have done something weird (unless I was hacked)
    but how I can understand what this big transaction was?

    I am a little afraid to put more coins to my wallet now

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    Siastats ( could really help you to understand your transaction.

    Find me on the Official Sia Discord.

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  • hi, now I have studied the Siacoin for a month, i know how the SC works, but I have the SC coin, could you send me 10 Siacoin to study on the mainnet, my wallet address is 5162f909de2468b955f2882b54c7d3a4de0f1c08474e6329e2989f92ae519b887eae64ca3a2f, thank you

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