load wallet from seed

  • Hi I'm trying to restore my wallet from my seed and when i attempt to write in the 25 word seed, it tells me theres a sia UI wallet error - cannot innit freom seed until blcokchain is synced

    but how do i start the sync if i can't open the wallet?


    i clicked 'set up new wallet' by accident :( and now i can't get back to 'restore wallet' option

    and now the wallet has begun syncing, but my old wallet password won't let me access the wallet now :( i tried my 29 word seed and that doesn't work either

    when i clicked 'set up new wallet' by accident it offered me a new 29 word seed but i didn't write that down because i didn't want to set up a new wallet.

    so now i am stuck.

    but it (something is) syncing anyway, so something is working at least

    any help much appreciated

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    You do not need to make/load a wallet to sync.

    Check this for the steps to load your old wallet: https://siasetup.info/faq/ui_and_wallet#restore_wallet_from_seed

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