Help Please - Bittrex Deposits

  • Hi,

    I don't know if anyone is having any difficulties with Bittrex deposits?

    Or could advise what is going on here, but nearly 24hrs ago I transferred some Sia from CoinEX to Bittrex but it never showed up, on the block explorer it looks like it left CoinEX.

    From the above can anyone tell me what the 'Sia Inputs' are, and if this is a Bittrex issue, as it looks like CoinEX have got the SC onto the block chain.

    P.s. Bittrex have not yet responded and i would advise against moving any Sia to Bittrex for now just in case this is an incident they are not aware of.

    Many thanks,

    For any help or advise anyone can provide.

  • same here

  • @v1k1ng

    Was yours to Bittrex too Viking?

  • Before this bad transaction i didn't know Sia was so unreliable, all other dealing mining, transfers has been fine, but the more a google trying to find answers as support from anyone is none existent, i run into more story's of loss :(

    Also did't know it got de-listed from Cryptopia for unreliable transaction :-O guess i'm f00ked.

    taken from Cryptopia;

    "Delist notice - Siacoin
    Due to ongoing transaction issues, SiaCoin(SC) has been scheduled for delist, please close all open orders and withdraw your coins before 24/09/2017"

  • More i look worse it sounds, how come nobody is doing anything about this? love the project but surly reliability is a concern;

    Loads of folk in the same boat :-O

  • V1k1ng my SC has turned up more than 24hrs later, has yours?

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