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  • Hi guys! I really like Sia and I wish you only prosperity and do not want to impose anything, but I'm confused by the logo with the slope falling down to the right. It is certainly beautiful, but carries negative dynamics and blocks potential success.
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    I studied the issue of logo from the point of view of Feng Shui and esoteric tradition. This is now a factor in fact restraining the success of the company. It is not necessary to change the logo cardinally, I repeat, it's beautiful. But consider the possibility of changing the angle of inclination.
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  • but what can and is true all written)))

  • Some more....
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    @Cryptoesoteric Are you saying that if we change the logo we'll moon?

    Make sure you tag me @bryan if you need to me respond.
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  • @bryan Exactly! :)) I think it is worth at least to pay your attention. I guess if you will look at logos of most successful companies :
    alt text

    • you will find a bit of sense in my words.
      Аnd vice versa - companies with a logos that tilts to the right downwards, often has hard life and thorny destiny.

  • @bryan Or for example, we may look at nordic tradition, and runes:

    Fehu - wealth, prosperity
    alt text

    Naudiz - need, destress
    alt text

  • @Cryptoesoteric Hello! i think the 1st logo is good:
    alt text

  • What are good and attrative logos in your opinion?

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