A newbie to hosting

  • Hi there
    I have just bought 5 x Seagate 6tb external hdd in order to start hosting.
    Some basic questions about hosting:
    1- Is it possible to host 30tb easily?( Isn't the size too big ? )
    2- If the 30tb of storage is ok , can I host whole of it once with one contract or I have to do it 5 times (once for each drive)
    3- Please let me know about the best price I can offer for my storage.
    Many thanks

  • Thanks for your reply I read whole of it but it didn't say anything about if I can host the entire space (30tb) at once with only one contract.

  • @amd1361 - the contracting is nothing that you can influence... You can offer all the space you have and set your price. The renters will take out contracts based on your hosts scoring, all automated. Renters might /migt not then use the contracted space and you will get paied when your contracts end sucessfully.
    do NOT expect any noteworthy income at this point in time - hosting until there is a real demand is basically something you do for free, due to the low demand.
    To get contracts you should have a high score for your host. The link above describes how the network is scoring each host. If you host does not make it to the 30% best, then I don't think you will get contracts and then your space will not be rented out. EG my own host, siahost.craftx.biz:9982, has a very high score, but I'm hosting litterally for free :-)

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