My file replication ratio is decreasing

  • My file replication ratio is decreasing and not increasing again. This even if I still have SCs allocated.
    As some are below 1, I understand that if I no longer have them locally they are lost.
    Is that correct?



  • Hi,
    So After some tests:
    I tried to download files with with ratio > 1 -> ok with ratio < 1 -> failed

    So my story:

    • I upload files to backup it
    • I paid by allowing SCs for the service
    • I reach a ratio > 2.2 for all files
    • I close SIA UI for few days
    • I open it again
    • Ratio of some files is below 1

    My understanding was if a node left network and don't respect the contract I got SCs back + collateral and the network try to find other node to keep ratio high enough.

    My mistake was to close the sia-ui for few days, but it isn't very useful to keep a service always up if you just backup files.
    I have a node for "selling" space but for each contract I paid for collateral.

    Conclusion I paid to backup I paid to share and my backup isn't reliable.

    I think something is wrong in the model.




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