Sia cloud hosting - No income

  • Hi everyone.

    It has been a month since I started hosting the Sia cloud hosting service. However, no incomes in transactions. Only it has occurered withdraws ('-' transaction) of more than 1K SC.

    This is the host information I am running,

    , and the hosting settings like this:

    Max Duration (Weeks) 26
    Collateral per TB per Month (SC) 90
    Price per TB per Month (SC) 35
    Bandwidth Price (SC / TB) 20
    Accepting Contracts Yes
    Conversion Rate 0%

    I would like to advise you on what to do if you have a bad hosting setup.

  • payouts are only done upon end of contract/renewal.
    Go to siastat, using this link:

    follow the instruction under the "host contracts" tab - I find that overwiev usefull to determine the timeline of your contracts

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