receiving adress changed in SIA-UI ?

  • Hi all

    i've logged to SIA-UI and cheked in receiving siacoin to get my adress
    i then sent some SC to thjis adress through poloniex.
    poloniex transction is set to OK (for 2 days) but siacoin is not in my wallet .
    and now the receiving adress is not the same in SIA-UI (may be i clicked on new).
    what happened ?
    can i retrieve the transaction on my "ghost" adress ?
    can i re-link my SIA-UI to what could have a been a temporary adress ?
    thank's for your answer

    Emmanuel M,

  • Global Moderator

    Search for your TXID on If you can find your TXID there, the transaction is completed and the problem is with your wallet. If you can't find your TXID there, the transaction is not on the blockchain and you need to contact poloniex to solve your issue.

    Make sure you are using the latest version of Sia, make sure your blockheight match what is shown on

    Do note that the latest version of Sia-UI (v1.3.3) contains a bug that will not show your transaction in the UI. To view all your transactions, go to the terminal in Sia-UI and type wallet transactions to view all your transaction.

    All wallet addresses generated by Sia-UI will be linked to your seed, therefore all addresses generated can be used even if you forget to click save for those address. To view all addresses generated, go to the terminal in Sia-UI and type wallet addresses.

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