My SC was stolen, not flying!

  • Hello!
    My 466034.872 SC was stolen, not flying! These coins were previously dug up and kept in SC's official website purse. Learn the good news SC online okex virtual currency trading platform, June 7th can be repaid. Today, the updated synchronization wallet is ready to recharge to the okex trading platform, but it is found that all the coins are transferred to the 17:11 pm on March 10th this year.

    This makes me very distressed, hoping to get help from the team. Thank you for that!

  • Global Moderator

    Have you tried to restore your wallet anywhere? If yes, what is the method you use to restore your wallet? You could have accidentally sweep your wallet to another seed.

    Make sure you are fully synced, check your current blocknumber by going to Terminal in Sia-UI and type in consensus, compare the blockheight shown there with Your blockheight should be the same or higher than the blockheight shown on the website.

    Try to check your balance for all your address by typing in wallet addresses in the terminal in Sia-UI. Go to, select Addresses batch and paste all the address shown in the terminal in Sia-UI.

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    SC: e8f701c1b2b37c8560cd9bbd2ab85e352d27112f51f0cec815a1331dcc2257392f6b53440b4c
    DCR: DsSKZQkB1MZ81o5DtePbmC3swPCzgbtdg6f
    ETH/ETC: 0x5d67690768F0Fc4780c578393Ca567e5bCb38378


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