Extremely slow synchronization with encrypted HDD

  • Hey, I got interested in Sia a while ago and tried to install and set up the client several times and failed every time except the last time. I think I found out why this is the case but I wanted to ask for opinions.

    It would take several days to synchronize and my computer would be almost unusable while doing so. This is strange as my internet speed is above 200mbps, my cpu is an i5 of only a few years old and while the consensus file is not on an ssd, it is on a speedy 7200rpm HDD. Of course I also added extra nodes.

    I am using Kubuntu 18.04 and my home drive is encrypted with the default built-in ecryptfs encryption. I know this impacts performance, but certain tasks are much more impacted than others. Could it be that synchronizing and generating the transactionpool file is extremely cpu intensive on my setup? If so, perhaps it would be something that could be put in the readme file?

    I also noticed in my case that synchronizing seemed to go more swiftly when I was connected with wireguard vpn to a server in the US (from Europe). It could be that I'm imagining that though.

  • For my games, I did not worry about speed but I'm not on disk encrypted. I saved my synology NAS on SIA but with Xeon processors and 3 SSDs. I am not in most cases.
    I will probably test next month with a configuration a little more normal.

    If there are people who want to testify...

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    I think syncing and verifying the blockchain is more disk (I/O) intensive. So I think it is your HDD slowing you down.

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  • In my case too it takes several days to synchronize and my computer. My internet speed was not so much. It around 20 Mbps, my CPU is an i5 of only a few years old and while the consensus file is not on an SSD, it is on a speedy 7200rpm HDD. Of course, I also added extra nodes from

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