Transaction sending on sia ui 1.3.2 with Unconfirmed Delta

  • Dear Sia.Tech,

    I am Thomas writting to you regarding to the trouble of sending siacoin from Sia UI V.1.3.2 to bittrex wallet, this is the details:

    • Yesterday, 14/may i have sent 2049.993 SC from sia UI wallet to bettrex but until now i have not received the amount yet.

    tx id: 18f63ad12aadb5a583096b54b0f1fecb2280c925471167080df70ddf54cc3e46
    receiver address: 0a0f20cdbe4e1674616ee905eea02f55665ca01de820f00125396b2bcf986d1b5311b9f5a37e

    Please kindly give me your help in this case.

    Thank you,

  • Global Moderator

    Your transaction cannot be found on any of the blockchain explorer. Are you fully synced? What is the blockheight of your wallet?

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